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5 Ways To Solve Insufficient Storage Available Error On Android

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If you are facing the “Insufficient storage available” error on your device, then probably this is because you are unable to manage your device storage efficiently. It occurs due to cluttered and unorganized storage space on your device. It may include bloatware, cache files, duplicate files, temp files, and other unnecessary files, which are occupying precious storage space affecting your device performance.

Let’s discuss top 5 ways to solve this error on your Android device.

1. Disable Bloatware

This is an effective step to free up storage space. Bloatware comes as a part of your device in the form of pre-installed apps and programs by the manufacturer. These apps include manufacturer based apps and third-party apps & programs. Most of these bloatware items include free-trial apps for which you need to make payment later for upgrades and other in-app purchases. Apart of it, these apps include many of those apps which you rarely use or intend to use in future. Thus, these apps & programs remain idle on your device occupying precious storage space and device resources. Many of these apps also run in the background using RAM space which affects your device performance.

To disable bloatware on your device, go to Settings > Applications and swipe left to access “All” apps. Here, select the app that you want to disable, open it and press “Disable” or “Uninstall” button. It will instantly stop that app using device resources.

2. Clear App Cache

Apps on your device, stores certain data in the form of cache every time you use the app to perform numerous tasks. This cache data helps you perform the same task more smoothly and fast next time you use the app. Your app stores various information like temp files, preference settings, log files and other data for this purpose. Over time this data accumulate in large numbers affecting your device performance and occupying a lot of space.

To delete all these app cache files from your device, go to Settings > Storage > Cached data and press OK. It will instantly delete all cache data on your device. To clear cache data of individual app, go to Settings > Application Manager or Applications, swipe left to access All Apps. Now select the app you want to delete cache data of and tap on “Clear Cache” button. It will help you delete cache data of that individual app.

3. Delete Duplicate Files

Duplicate files form the biggest chunk of unnecessary files on your device. These identical files accumulate in large numbers over time on your device in the form of duplicate images, music & audio files, identical videos, documents and much more. These files accumulate due to various reasons like file sharing, file downloading, data backup etc. These similar & exact looking files also affect your device performance negatively. To delete duplicate files and to improve device performance you can perform manual cleaning or use duplicate file remover tools for instant results

4. Move data to SD card

This is another simplest form to get rid of the Insufficient Storage Available Error. Use quality SD card as an extension to your present device storage capability. You can move any file or folder or even apps (as some devices allow) to SD card. You can extend your device storage space in the form of SD card as per your device supports. It may vary in between 2Gb to 32Gb or more.

Insufficient storage available 3

5. Move data to Cloud servers

This step works as a performance booster for your Android device. Moving data to Cloud servers give you a mobility to sync data across various devices seamlessly. You can use various Cloud based apps to move your data to Cloud servers. Above that, you can store or access this data anytime anywhere effortlessly.

And, that's all for now. You can follow these simple steps to solve “Insufficient Storage Available” error instantly. Following these steps, you not only manage to recover precious storage space but it also helps you improve your device speed and performance significantly.

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