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Find And Set Beautiful Wallpapers For Linux Desktop With Fondo

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Elementary OS is known for its aesthetic design and elegant look. Elementary team uses Unsplash as a source for many of the wallpapers, so it comes with a good selection of visually stunning wallpapers. There is also a native app named Fondo which makes the wallpaper selection much easier! Fondo allows you to browse thousands of beautiful wallpapers from Unsplash website. You can set your favorite wallpaper on Linux desktop with a single mouse click! In this tutorial let us see how to find and set beautiful wallpapers for Linux desktop with Fondo wallpaper app.

Install Fondo in Linux

Fondo is mainly designed for Elementary OS, however it should work on other Linux distributions as well.

If you are on Elementary OS, get Fondo from the app center.

It is also available flatpak app. So you can install Fondo using Flatpak on other Linux distributions. If you haven't installed Flaptpak yet, refer the following guide.

Once flatpak is installed, run the following command to install Fondo:

$ flatpak install flathub com.github.calo001.fondo

To launch Fondo, run:

$ flatpak run com.github.calo001.fondo

Find And Set Beautiful Wallpapers For Linux Desktop With Fondo

When you first open Fondo, you will be pleased with the Today's featured photos chosen by the Unsplash curation team.

Fondo interface

Fondo interface

All are high-quality images that would makes your desktop beautiful! The resolution of the each image is also mentioned in the image itself. It has infinite scroll feature, so keep scrolling down to load more photos.

Fondo also has an option to view the images in full screen. Click the arrow button on the top right corner of the image to view it in full screen.

Set wallpapers for your Linux desktops

Setting your favorite wallpaper to your Linux desktop is incredibly easy with Fondo! Just select or click on any image, it will be instantly downloaded and applied as your desktop wallpaper! It is that simple!!

Right click on the image and you will be presented with additional options that allows you to set the background image in different positions such as centered, scaled, spanned or zoom.

choose wallpaper position in Fondo

choose wallpaper position in Fondo

Search images

There is a search bar on the top left corner of the Fondo interface to let you search photos from Unsplash site from your desktop. You don't need to visit Unsplash.com site anymore! Type any word and see if there are any relevant images available.

Search images from unsplash site using fondo

Search images from unsplash site using fondo

Filter images by orientation

By default, all orientation images will be displayed! You can change this behavior to show either portrait or landscape images. To do so, click on the three horizontal dots on the top right corner of the Fondo interface and choose your orientation from the drop-down list.

Choose image orientation from Fondo

Choose image orientation from Fondo

Search images by categories

The images are neatly organized under different categories. So you can browse by several useful categories like:

  • Nature,
  • Animal,
  • Food & Drink,
  • Space,
  • Sport,
  • Business & work,
  • Fashion,
  • Art & culture,
  • Architecture,
  • Texture & pattern,
  • Technology
  • and Flat lay.

Click the Categories tab at the bottom of Fondo interface to browse and find a right image image from a certain category.

View history

All downloaded images have been kept in History tab. So you can always keep your favorite photos with you.

Share images

Liked any image? Why don't you share it your friends? To share a image, click on the share button on the top of the image, and choose share services from the list. If you can't find your share service in the list, just copy the link to your clipboard and share it!

Share images with Fondo

Share images with Fondo

Switch to dark mode

Click on the slider button on top right corner of Fondo interface to switch between dark and light modes.

I really like Fondo for letting me to choose and set a wallpaper instantly for my Ubuntu desktop. I have tried a few desktop wallpaper changer apps before. Fondo became my favorite wallpaper app for now! Hope you like it as well.


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Guo wei March 22, 2020 - 1:10 pm

cool, good images!

epii March 24, 2020 - 2:06 am

You can also create a file, I called mine backdrops.sh, that contains:

export DISPLAY=:0.0
feh –bg-max –randomize /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops

This displays wallpaper from the /usr/share/xfce4/backdrops folder (obviously) in a random fashion. You can create a cronjob to run it or run it from the command line whenever you want to change wallpaper. See the feh man page for other options. This way you don’t have to install anything. Note: don’t forget to make it executable :).

Mike July 2, 2020 - 12:03 am

Use DailyDesktopWallpaperPlus to use Bing’s or Windows Spotlight’s daily photo as Wallpaper on your Linux-Desktop. Works on different Desktops. You can download the latest Version of it on SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dailydesktopwallpaperplus/


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