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Olivia – An Elegant, Powerful Cloud Music Player For Linux

By sk
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Today I stumbled upon a cool media player and I couldn't resist myself to share it with you all. Say hello to Olivia, a beautiful, modern and powerful cloud music player for Linux. It is online/offline cloud-based player like YouTube Music, iTunes and Spotify. Using Olivia, you can search and view the online streams as the way you do in YouTube, download the streams, create and manage your music library.


Olivia comes with number of notable features, including the following:

  • Search your favorite music online (both audio and video);
  • Search YouTube and add your collections to a library;
  • Play audio-only YouTube streams to save bandwidth;
  • Download a media file while streaming;
  • Search suggestions;
  • Organize music;
  • Built-in Internet radio that allows you to play more than 25k online radio stations;
  • List and sort radio stations according to your country and language;
  • It supports themes;
  • Dynamic theme support based on album art;
  • Player mini mode included;
  • Top music chart, allows list top 100 songs country wise
  • And more yet to come.

Install Olivia in Linux

Olivia is available in Snap Store. Make sure you have installed snapd on your system. In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and later versions, snapd comes pre-installed.

To install Olivia all you have to do is run the following command from the Terminal:

$ sudo snap install olivia-test


After installing, Launch it from application or Terminal by running the following command:

$ olivia-test.olivia

If you're having any issues like big fonts or weird cursor, run this command instead:

$ QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE='gtk' olivia.test.olivia

This is how Olivia default interface looks like:

Olivia interface
Olivia interface

There is a search bar on the top center. Just use it to find your favorite streams and start playing them.

On the left pane, you will see various options such as,

  • Main interface
  • Top lists (country-wise sorted),
  • Songs in your library,
  • Saved albums,
  • Music files sorted by Artists,
  • Recently played items,
  • YouTube,
  • Internet Radio.

Playing YouTube streams

Just in case you wanted to play a YouTube stream, click on the YouTube option on the left pane. Enter your search term on the Search bar and hit ENTER. Just pick one from the list and click on it. The selected item will added to the Youtube queue on the right. Just double click the media from the queue to start playing it.

Playing streams
Playing streams

Listening Radio stations

To listen to your favorite Radio station, click on Internet Radio on the left pane. You can search radio stations by country and language. Just enter those details, and pick anyone from the list to listen.

Olivia Internet radio
Olivia Internet radio

Olivia top lists

This is yet another interesting feature of Olivia. You can browse and play the top 100 songs country-wise. If you're music enthusiast who wants to listen some foreign songs, choose a country from the list and start playing the top 100 songs from the selected country.

Olivia top lists
Olivia top lists

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Olivia is still in early-development stage, so there will be bugs. While testing Olivia in my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop, I haven't had any issues so far. It just worked fine. If you encountered with any issues, do report them here.


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keshav bhatt September 23, 2019 - 4:18 am

hi, am the developer of the app, please update the post with new updates. like now the snapcraft.io link is snapcraft.io/olivia
etc find more info in github page of project ty

so_cur10us February 15, 2022 - 10:33 pm

I understand that Olivia is free and open source, the app uses youtube-dl to ‘download’ content which is fine(no data is collected by youtube), but how does the app ‘stream’ content?

I ask because I’m becoming more privacy aware and changing the apps I use and taking further steps to secure my online information. I can’t find any clear information online and would rather give the app a miss unless someone can clarify this for me.

I like the look of Olivia but I don’t want to use it if youtube can still link the content (videos/music) to the veiwer (me).

sk February 16, 2022 - 12:32 pm

Please open an issue via GitHub with your question. The author of Olivia may clear your doubts.

so_cur10us February 16, 2022 - 10:17 pm

Ok, thanks.

I thought raising an issue was for bugs or problems with the app but I’ll give it a try.

Thanks again.


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