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CachyOS Released With BTRFS As The Default Filesystem

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The CachyOS team has announced the seventh release of CachyOS this year, introducing several significant updates and improvements. CachyOS combines the robust foundation of Arch Linux with specialized optimizations to deliver a high-performance, secure, and user-friendly computing experience.

CachyOS Overview

CachyOS is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux, designed with a focus on speed and security optimizations. The default Linux kernel is highly optimized using the BORE (Burst-Oriented Response Enhancer) scheduler.

Additionally, the desktop packages are compiled with LTO (Link Time Optimization), x86-64-v3 and x86-64-v4 optimizations, as well as various security flags and performance improvements.

Key Features

  • Optimized Kernel: The kernel is fine-tuned for enhanced performance and responsiveness using the BORE scheduler.
  • Optimized Packages: Desktop packages are compiled with advanced optimization techniques to ensure maximum efficiency and security.

Desktop Environments and Window Managers

CachyOS offers a wide range of desktop environments and window managers, including:

  • KDE
  • Xfce
  • CuteFish
  • i3wm
  • Wayfire
  • LXQt
  • OpenBox
  • Cinnamon
  • UKUI
  • LXDE
  • MATE
  • Budgie
  • Qtile
  • Hyprland
  • Sway


The distribution includes Cachy-Browser, a Firefox-based browser with additional security enhancements and performance optimizations.

Installation Options

CachyOS provides both graphical and command-line installers.

What's New in CachyOS June 2024 Release

CachyOS Plasma
CachyOS Plasma

CachyOS latest edition ships with significant improvements. Some of the important feature updates are given below:

01. T2 MacBook Support

The default CachyOS Edition now supports T2 MacBooks. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth won't work out of the box due to Apple's closed-source firmware, but instructions are available for enabling these features after installation.

02. New "cachy-chroot" Script

The ISO includes the "cachy-chroot" script to guide users through the chroot process and proper partition mounting. It also detects BTRFS subvolumes, helping users identify existing subvolumes.

Additionally, the ISO now uses the mkinitcpio microcode hook and supports copytoram, which speeds up the overall experience if there is enough available RAM. The ISO requires the latest Ventoy release (1.0.98).

03. NVIDIA Card Enhancements

Services have been enabled by default to ensure proper sleep functionality and apply necessary NVReg settings, which address graphical issues during sleep on Wayland.

The new NVIDIA 555 Driver supports explicit sync, greatly improving the Wayland experience. Compositors have been patched to support explicit sync as well.

04. BTRFS is the new Filesystem

BTRFS is now the default file system instead of XFS, though users can still choose and configure other file systems.

05. Firewalld is Replaced with UFW

In this new release, the firewall has been switched from firewalld to ufw, offering a simpler setup for most users.

06. Handheld Edition Updates

The CachyOS Handheld Edition is now stable, with enhanced hardware detection and configuration for devices like the Steam Deck, Legion Go, and Rog Ally.

While not yet tested, it should also support Ayaneo devices. Ongoing communication with the company aims to gather more information.

07. Updated CachyOS Wiki

The CachyOS wiki has been completely restructured to provide more comprehensive information for users. Some pages are still being completed and will be updated within the month. Users can visit the new wiki here: CachyOS Wiki.

Detailed Changelog


  • Handheld hardware detection introduced.
  • T2 MacBook support added.
  • Network driver detection added.
  • "cachy-chroot" script included for easier chroot process.
  • ISO now uses microcode hooks, requiring the latest Ventoy release (1.0.98).
  • Enabled copytoram for faster ISO performance.
  • Default file system changed to BTRFS.
  • Switched firewall to ufw for easier configuration.

Bug Fixes:

  • Calamares: Emergency umount enabled.
  • Qtile: Multimedia controls fixed.
  • NVIDIA: Sleep functionality improved on Wayland.
  • Netinstall: Removed b43-fwcutter and replaced hyprland-git with hyprland.
  • Dropped linux-cachyos-lts from selection to avoid module issues.
  • Calamares: Mirror ranking moved before keyring installation.

Experimental Handheld Release Updates:

  • Default theme changed to KDE Vapor (SteamOS Theme).
  • Default file system set to BTRFS.
  • Default kernel set to linux-cachyos-deckify.
  • SDDM now uses Wayland.
  • Added environment flag for reduced latency on handheld devices.
  • Improved game mode switching behavior.
  • Editable username field.
  • Hardware detection configures and installs necessary packages.
  • Mallit keyboard now uses dark mode.
  • Valve’s Powerbuttond added for proper sleep functionality.
  • Shortcuts can be added to Steam.
  • Updated scx-scheds for latest LAVD Scheduler enhancements.
  • Automount feature added to CachyOS Handheld.
  • Steam Deck BIOS updates now possible on the Steam Deck.

Download CachyOS

Users can download the latest ISO from the CachyOS mirrors on SourceForge, with separate downloads available for the default and Handheld Editions.

Download CachyOS KDE Edition:

Handheld Edition:


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