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ProtectedText – A Free Encrypted Notepad To Save Your Notes Online

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Note taking is an important skill to have for all of us. It will help us to remember and maintain permanent record of what we have read, learned and listened to. There are so many apps, tools and utilities available out there for note taking purpose. Today I am going to talk about one such application. Say hello to ProtectedText, a free, encrypted notepad to save the notes online. It is a free web service where you can write down your texts, encrypt them and access them from anywhere from any device. It is that simple. All you need is a web browser in an Internet-enabled device.

ProtectedText site doesn't require any personal information and doesn't store the passwords. There is no ads, no cookies, no user tracking and no registration. No one can view the notes except those who have the password to decrypt the text. Since there is no user registration required, you don't need to create any accounts on this site. Once you done typing the notes, just close the web browser and you're good to go!

Let us save the notes in the encrypted notepad

Open ProtectedText site by clicking on the following button:

You will be landed in the home page where you can type your "site name" in the white box given at the center of the page. Alternatively, just write the site name directly in the address bar. Site name is just a custom name (E.g https://www.protectedtext.com/mysite) you choose to access your private portal where you keep your notes.

Protected Text 1

Protected Text Home page

If the site you chosen doesn't exist, you will see the following message. Click on the button says "Create" to create your notepad page.

Protected Text 2

Create new site

That's it. A dedicated private page has been created for you. Now, start typing the notes. The current maximum length is a bit more then 750,000 chars per page.

ProtectedText site uses AES algorithm to encrypt and decrypt your content and SHA512 algorithm for hashing.

Once you're done, click Save button on the top.

Protected Text 3

Type notes in the notepad

After you hit the Save button, you will be prompted to enter a password to protect your site. Enter the password twice and click Save.

Protected Text 4

You can use any password of your choice. However, it is recommended to use a long and complex password (inclusive of numbers, special characters) to prevent brute-force attacks. The longer the password, the better! Since ProtectedText servers won't save your password, there is no way to recover the lost password. So, please remember the password or use any password managers like Buttercup and KeeWeb to store your credentials.

You can access your notepad at anytime by visiting its URL from any device. When you access the URL, you will see the following message. Just type your password and start adding and/or updating the notes.

Protected Text 5

The site can be accessed only by you and others who know the password.  If you want to make your site public, just add the password of your site like this: ProtectedText.com/yourSite?yourPassword which will automatically decrypt yourSite with yourPassword.

There is also an Android app available, which allows you to sync notes across all your devices, work offline, backup notes and lock/unlock your site.


  • Simple, easy to use, fast and free!
  • ProtectedText.com client side code is freely available here. You can analyze and check the code yourself to understand what is under the hood.
  • There is no expiration date to your stored content. You can just leave them there as long as you want.
  • It is possible to make your data both private (only you can view the data) and public (Data can be viewed by all).


  • The client side code is open to everyone, however the server side code is not. So, you can't self-host the service yourself. You got to trust them. If you don't trust them, it is better to stay away from this site.
  • Since the site doesn't store anything about yourself including the password, there is no way to recover your data if you forget the password. They claims that they don't even know who owns which data. So, don't lose the password.

If you ever wanted a simple way to store your notes online and access them wherever you go without installing any additional tools, ProtectedText service might be a good choice. If you know any similar services and applications, let me know them in the comment section below. I will check them out as well.


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azhar March 11, 2019 - 9:10 pm

I have forget my password. How to retrieve it?

sk March 12, 2019 - 11:52 am

ProtectedText servers won’t save your password, so there is no way to recover the forgotten password.

timmy September 26, 2020 - 5:32 am

The best is to use Notepad++ or CSV to save your password. Then, go visit protectedtext, create your new at the end slash and whatever you can input name or numbers or any. Then, copy your password from notepad++ and paste password. Then, you’re in and add anything what you need to put on the list. Then, click “save” button on top. Then final, close tab. DON’T FORGET THAT PROTECTEDTEXT TO YOUR BOOKMARK! Don’t use Bitwarden, keypassXC, 1password, or others are bad idea!! Just use Notepad++ or CSV. Notepad++ or CSV can save in USB!!! ROFLMAO!!!

Alb August 23, 2021 - 5:28 pm

please can you tell how to send text directly from url?

sk August 23, 2021 - 5:58 pm

Where do you want to send the text? To other device or somewhere else? Could you please elaborate your question?

vineshreddy July 12, 2022 - 8:17 am



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