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YouTube hacks – Record your Computer using YouTube

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There are plenty of free and paid screen-cast applications are available on the market. However, you can record your Computer using YouTube built-in function called "Live streaming", regardless of the operating system you use without installing any additional tools/applications. All you need is a decent Internet connection and a YouTube account. Just log-in to YouTube using your Google account and start recording the activities of your desktop screen in no-time. This brief tutorial walk you through how to record your desktop using YouTube. Read on, it's not that difficult.

Record your Computer using YouTube

Step 1: First, Log in to the YouTube with your Gmail id.

Click Upload button on the top right corner.


Step 2: In the next screen, click "Get started" button in the Live streaming section on the right side.

Upload - YouTube - Chromium_003

Step 3: Click "Events" under Live streaming section on the left side. And then Click that button that says - Enable live streaming on the other side.

Live Events - YouTube - Chromium_005

Step 4: In this step, you need to Verify your account by phone to make sure that you're a real person and not a machine. To do so, enter a valid phone number and click Submit button.

Account verification - YouTube - Chromium_006

Step 5: Enter the 6-digit verification code that you received in your mobile phone and click Submit to verify the account.


Step 6: Click "I agree" to accept the Terms and conditions.

YouTube - Chromium_008

Step 7: After enabling the Live streaming option, Click "Create live event".

Live Events - YouTube - Chromium_009

Step 8: This is important step. Enter your screencast name. Select Private in the share section, because we are going to record the desktop, not to live stream. And, choose "Quick using Google Hangouts On Air" option from the Type section. Finally, click Go live now.


Step 9: Next click Ok to start the recording.


Step 10: Click Allow to join the hangouts. It means you will join the Google Hangout, so that the other people will see and hear you.


Step 11: Click the Share button to start recording the desktop. Here, share means recording.

Google Hangouts - Chromium_013

Step 12: In the next screen, choose what do you want to share (Again, "share" means recording).

I want to record my entire screen, so I selected "Entire screen" option. Once you choose the screen you want to record, click Share button. Finally, click Start broadcast button on the bottom.


Step 13: Now, just do whatever you want to do on your Desktop. Everything will be recorded on the background. Once you are done, stop the recording by clicking on the button that says: Stop broadcast and then click Stop on the top of the screen.


Step 14: The broadcast has been recorded and ready to use now. Click Close to end the Hangout session.


Step 15: The recorded videos will be automatically saved in your YouTube account. You can view them under Video Manger -> Videos in the Dashboard.

Videos - YouTube - Chromium_020

Just click on the video link to view it or share it to your friends. The recorded videos will be kept as private until you change the share settings to public.

Happy Screencasting!

That's all for today. If you find this guide useful, please share it on your social, professional networks and support OSTechNix. More good stuffs to come. Stay tuned.


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