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Download O’Reilly Free Ebooks From Commandline

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Today, I came across this wonderful news for book lovers. O'Reilly foundation has released some free books to download. They are not just Linux EBooks. All genre EBooks are available, ranging from business, leadership, data, design, Hardware, IoT, Programming, Security, Web development, dev ops and more. O'Reilly team have compiled over 165 EBooks, 1.42 GB total size. You can either download the books of your choice one by one or all at once.

To download a specific book, go to the following link and download any book given in the list.

Alternatively, you can download all of them at once. To do so, open Terminal and run the following command.

wget -x -i http://pastebin.com/raw/nyFtp2EG

This will create a folder called www.oreilly.com in your current working directory and download all 165 books in it.

I have downloaded all of them today and did a quick look at a few EBooks. As far as I observed, most of these are not full ebooks. Some of them are very short, less than 100 pages and some of them are more than 200 pages. Some of them are are just excerpts, quotes and discusses about a specific topic, like how to be a effective manager. Those who are like to read short books rather than a in-depth subjective book, these are collections are worth downloading. I don't know how many days these books will be available to download. I suggest you download as soon as possible before they are gone.

I hope some of those books might useful to you. Don't forget to share it with your friends and colleagues.


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