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Download Popular Open Source Websites To Use Them Offline

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Today, I have come up with an useful news for all of us. Now, you can download popular open source websites to view them without Internet. I have stumbled upon a website called "RACHEL Offline" earlier this morning and I am glad to inform you that this site allows you to download all popular open source websites such as Wikipedia, TED Talks, Khan Academy, Project Gutenburg, African storybook, Mediline plus, Wikihow, Wikisource, Worldmap and much more. There is no charge or limit to download these sites. You can download all of them and use them without Internet in your Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Smartphones.

Disclaimer: OSTechNix team do not encourage the illegal sharing of copyrighted files. Please verify the contents before downloading them.

How to download popular open source websites from Command line in Unix-like systems

Go to the Rachel modules download link given below. This link has all the open source website's contents. Just download your preferred website with all its contents and use it without Internet. Cool, isn't?

The recommended way to download them is to use rsync. They have included the rsync command to download the website in the respective download page. If you don't know, how to download a website using rsync, just click on the respective website, copy/paste the rsync command in your Terminal. That's it. It will download all the contents of the website in a folder in your current working directory.

For example, to download the TED talks website, I entered the following command in my Terminal.

rsync -Pavz rsync://dev.worldpossible.org/rachelmods/en-TED ./

The reason why you should use rsync command is it can pick up where it left off if there are any connection problems. So, you don't have to start over from the beginning. Rsync should already be installed on most Linux and Unix-like systems. The Windows users can get rsync using Cygwin.

Don't like the commandline way? No problem! You can download them via web or ftp. The download links are available on each module page. Just copy the download link and throw it to the download manager.

Download TED Talks Website

Download TED Talks Website

Once you downloaded the website, go to the folder where you downloaded it, right click on the Index.html file and open it with your favorite browser. It's simple as that.

View TED Talks Website Locally

View TED Talks Website Locally

Now, you can browse through the website without Internet as the way you do while you have Internet. I have downloaded TED talks website and watched few videos. I wouldn't say it's fantastic, but some of them are useful! TED Talks website includes the lessons, speeches of popular leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and spiritual gurus etc.

Here is a sample video from TED Talks website is playing.

View Videos From TED Talks Website Locally

View Videos From TED Talks Website Locally

Also, you can download all the compressed modules from the link below.

Purchase RACHEL Products

RACHEL team provides these modules in hardware devices. You can purchase these devices and use them on your home, office, School, College, Library and share the data to multiple devices wirelessly or over Ethernet. RACHEL provides the following devices at the time of writing this article.

  1. The RACHEL-Pi 3, powered by Raspberry Pi operating system.
  2. RACHEL-Plus Remote Deployment Device.
  3. RACHEL USB drive.

For more details, refer the RACHEL official website link given below.

I must admit that RACHEL Offline website is awesome. These guys have done a great job! Make use of them, and don't forget to share this news with your family, friends, and colleagues.


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