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Install Mageia 2 – A Step by Step Tutorial

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Mageia is a free open source operating system forked from Mandriva Linux distribution. Mageia is a Greek word which means "Magic" in English. This distribution is created and maintained by a group of former employees of Mandriva. The first version is released in June 2011 and the second version is released in May 2012. This distribution became No.2 on the Distrowatch popularity ranking for the last six months. This step by step tutorial will show you how to install Mageia 2.

Installation of Mageia 2

Download the latest version of Mageia. Burn it in a DVD and boot the system. At the boot prompt press Enter:

Choose Language and press Next:

Accept the License Agreement and press Next:

Select the Keyboard Layout and press Next:

Select the partitioning type and press Next:

If you have any supplementary install medium, give the path of the medium or select none and press Next:

Select the desktop profile and press Next:

Now the installation begins. This will take a while; please be patient:

Now the configuration section begins; Enter Root password and create default user and press Next:

Choose the Monitor type and press Next:

The summary section will be displayed now. You can configure each option by clicking the configure button. After done press Next:

Now the system will be updated. If you want to update it later Select No and press Next:

Everything is done now, click Reboot:

Login to the system:

Now the system is ready to use:

Thats it. Enjoy!!!

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