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Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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Installation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Boot the system with RHEL 6.0 DVD. At the boot prompt, hit enter to begin installation:

Skip the media testing process:

Click Next:

Select your preferred Language and hit Enter:

Select your keyboard layout:

Select Basic storage Devices. If you install this in SAN environment select Specialized Storage Devices and hit Enter:

A warning message will appear that denotes the existing data's in the hdd will be deleted. Make sure the hdd doesn't has any important data's and hit Yes:

Enter the hostname for your server:

Enter the IP address for your server by clicking the "configure Network", Select your Network interface and enter the IP, Subnet details and Apply the changes.:

Select your Time Zone and click Next:

Enter the Root Password and click Next:

Select the Mode of Partition and click Next:

The partition changes will be applied now:

Now select the type of install for this server depends upon the role of the server such as Desktop, Basic Server, Web server, Database server or whatever you need for your current environment. Here let us install the Minimal Server. You can customize the server here or you can do it later:

Now the installation will begin. It will take a while depends upon your hardware configuration:

At the end of installation, hit Reboot and you will get the login screen as shown below:

Thats it. Configure the server as per your needs for your environment.

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