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Linux Mint 22 Beta Is Released With Linux Kernel 6.8 And Cinnamon 6.2

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The Linux Mint team announced the beta release of Linux Mint 22 "Wilma". Linux Mint 22 is powered by Linux kernel 6.8 and is built on the Ubuntu 24.04 package base.

This long-term support (LTS) release will receive updates and security patches until 2029. The release features updated software, offering improvements and new features designed to enhance the desktop experience.

Linux Mint 22 Wilma
Linux Mint 22 Wilma

What's New in Linux Mint 22 Wilma

The following are the major features, improvements, and enhancements made in the Linux Mint 22 "Wilma" Beta release.

Key Features

  • Updated Kernel and Base: Linux Mint 22 features Linux kernel 6.8 and is based on Ubuntu 24.04.
  • Long-Term Support: This release is supported until 2029, ensuring stability and security updates for years to come.
  • Enhanced Software: Updated applications and new features enhance usability and performance on the desktop.

Cinnamon 6.2

  • Nemo Actions: Introduces Layout Editor for organizing Nemo actions with separators, submenus, and customizable labels and icons.
  • Bug Fixes and Enhancements: Includes numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, and additional features such as reduced printer notifications and Wayland support with the Clutter polkit agent.

Better Language Support

  • Optimized Disk Usage: Preinstalled language packages not in use are now removed after installation, saving significant disk space.
  • Automatic Language Packs: Language packs for selected languages are automatically downloaded during installation if connected to the Internet.
  • Offline Language Support: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Italian language packs are included in the ISO image, eliminating the need for an Internet connection to install these languages.

Support for New Technology

  • Modern Components: Linux Mint 22 includes updated components and switches to Ubuntu 24.04 package base for improved hardware compatibility.
  • Pipewire Sound Server: Default sound server switched to Pipewire for enhanced audio management.
  • Software Sources: Added support for the new Debian DEB822 format.
  • GTK4 Themes: Themes updated to support GTK4 for a modern and consistent desktop experience.
  • JXL Support: Pix now supports JXL format with a new thumbnailer implementation.
  • Libsoup3 Migration: Software using libsoup2 migrated to libsoup3 for better performance and security.
  • HiDPI Support: Improved HiDPI support in boot sequence, Plymouth, and Slick-Greeter.
  • Thunderbird: Continues as a native .deb package despite Ubuntu moving to Snap, with Linux Mint now responsible for packaging.
  • Online Accounts Support: Restored in Cinnamon, Budgie, and Unity with the "GNOME Online Accounts GTK" application from the XApp project.
  • Theme Compatibility: Adjustments made for GNOME applications moving to libAdwaita in Ubuntu 24.04 to maintain theme compatibility.

Software Manager

The mintinstall Software Manager loads faster with improved multi-threading and a new preferences page.

mintinstall Software Manager
mintinstall Software Manager

It includes a banner slideshow for featured software and improved usability.

Enhanced Security

In Linux Mint 22, the unverified Flatpaks disabled by default with clear warnings about associated risks. Verified Flatpaks display maintainer names, while unverified ones lack reviews and scores.

If you wan to show the unverified the flatpaks in mintinstall software manager, click the hamburger icon and click "Preferences" option.

Unverified Flatpaks are disabled by default in Linux Mint 22
Unverified Flatpaks are disabled by default in Linux Mint 22

If you choose to show the unverified flatpaks in the Software manager, simply toggle it to ON.

Once you have enabled this option, the unverified flatpaks will be marked as "unverified".

Show Unverified Flatpaks in Linux Mint Software Manager
Show Unverified Flatpaks in Linux Mint Software Manager

You can read more about this in the following blog post:

Matrix Integration

Linux Mint adopts Matrix chat network following Hexchat discontinuation. Preinstalled Matrix Web App connects users to Linux Mint's Matrix space, fostering community interaction and support.

Other Improvements

  • Sticky Notes (Sticky): Command line accessibility for configuring keybindings and default note positions.
  • Xed Text Editor: Added text duplication feature, improved tab management options, and increased recent file display.
  • Timeshift: Confirmation dialog added for snapshot deletions.
  • Firefox Web Applications (WebApp Manager): Smarter menubar and toolbar for improved usability.
  • Xfce (xfce4-xapp-status-plugin): Tray applet supports configurable icon sizes.
  • Gimp File Thumbnailer: Introduced xapp-thumbnailer-gimp for better integration.
  • ISO Image Compatibility: ISO images now compatible with FAT32 in File System Transposition mode.

Artwork Improvements

Linux Mint 22 ships with many beautiful backgrounds to make your desktops elegant.

Linux Mint 22 Background Images
Linux Mint 22 Background Images

Download Linux Mint 22 Beta

Linux Mint 22 Wilma can be downloaded from the following links:

Linux Mint 22 Cinnamon Beta:

Linux Mint 22 XFCE Beta:

Linux Mint 22 MATE Beta:

There are also more download mirror links are provided in the official release notes link.

Verify ISO Images

Anyone could produce fake ISO images. So I highly recommend you to check the integrity and authenticity of the downloaded ISO file before installing Linux Mint.

All download mirrors provide the ISO images, a sha256sum.txt file, and a sha256sum.txt.gpg file. These files should be available in the same location where you downloaded the ISO image.

If you can't find them, you can browse the Heanet download mirror and select the version of Linux Mint you downloaded.

Steps to Download Verification Files:

  1. Download both sha256sum.txt and sha256sum.txt.gpg.
  2. Do not copy their content. Instead, use “right-click -> Save Link As…” to download the files.
  3. Ensure you do not modify these files in any way.

After downloading both files, head over to the https://linuxmint.com/verify.php link and follow the steps to verify the integrity and authenticity.



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