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NixOS 24.05 Released With Linux Kernel 6.6 And GNOME 46

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The NixOS team has announced the public release of NixOS 24.05, codenamed "Uakari". NixOS is a unique Linux distribution based on the purely functional package management system called Nix.

NixOS also offers a set of packages compatible with other Linux systems and macOS. One of its key advantages is its cutting-edge nature, providing users with the most up-to-date packages while maintaining stability and security.

NixOS 24.05 Release Highlights

NixOS 24.05 comes with a lot of new and upgraded packages. Some of the notable highlights of this release are given below:

  • 7 months of bug fixes and security updates (until December 31, 2024).
  • Contributions from 2,491 developers, totaling 47,795 commits since the previous release.
  • 17,777 new packages and 16,249 updated packages in Nixpkgs.
  • 145 new modules and 1,983 new options added, with 23 modules and 304 options removed.
  • Updated to GNOME 46 "Kathmandu" and Plasma 6.0, with new features and enhancements.
  • Linux Kernel upgraded to version 6.6, with older kernels (4.19 and later) still available.
  • Firmware blobs are now compressed with zstd for faster decompression.
  • Introduces a stub ELF loader for informative error messages when running non-NixOS binaries.
  • Automatic NIX_PATH and flake registry configuration for flake-based NixOS systems.
  • New NixOS AMIs available on a dedicated AWS account.
  • Perl-less system profile for completely removing Perl from the system.
  • Lomiri (formerly Unity8) desktop mode with Mir 2.x as the Wayland compositor.
  • MATE updated to version 1.28 with Wayland session support.
  • Plasma 6 available as an alternative to Plasma 5 (which will likely be deprecated in the next release).

GNOME 46 "Kathmandu"

The GNOME desktop environment has been updated to version 46, introducing an enhanced Files app, support for OneDrive in Online Accounts, and various other improvements. Users can check the Gnome 46 official release notes for a detailed overview.

Plasma 6.0

The Plasma desktop environment has also received an update to version 6.0, bringing new default settings, a refreshed Breeze theme, and additional changes. Users are encouraged to refer to the KDE 6 release notes for more information.

Continued Support and Security

As with previous releases, NixOS 24.05 "Uakari" will receive bug fixes and security updates for seven months, ensuring a stable and secure experience for users.

NixOS 24.05 "Uakari" offers a cutting-edge yet reliable experience. I encourage the NixOS fans to give it a try and enjoy the power of this truly innovative Linux distribution!

Download NixOS

To download the latest version, head over to the official NixOS download page and choose the appropriate version based on your system architecture (64-bit Intel/AMD or 64-bit ARM).

There are two main types of installation media available: graphical ISO images and minimal ISO images.

Graphical ISO Images

A graphical ISO image includes the graphical NixOS installer, a desktop environment, and several applications. It is a live CD which allows you to explore NixOS without actually installing it.

Minimal ISO Images

A minimal ISO image does not include a graphical user interface (GUI) and are smaller in size. You’ll need to run the installer from the console. They also contain rescue tools.

Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate ISO image, create a bootable USB drive. We recommend using Ventoy.

Boot the system with the newly created bootable USB drive. Follow the installation steps, including partitioning, labeling partitions, and connecting to the internet. Check the official NixOS documentation for the detailed installation instructions.


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