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Linux Kernel 6.10-rc2 Released With Lots Of Bcachefs Patches

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Last week, Linus Torvalds announced the first release candidate (RC1) for the upcoming version 6.10 of the Linux kernel. Version 6.10 of the Linux kernel had been given the codename "Baby Opossum Posse", succeeding the previous codename "Hurr durr I'ma ninja sloth" used since Linux 4.0.

Yesterday, Linus Torvalds released the second release candidate (RC2) for Linux Kernel 6.10.

Linux Kernel 6.10-rc2 Released
Linux Kernel 6.10-rc2 Released

Release Overview

In his announcement on the Linux Kernel mailing list, he provided an overview of the changes in this release candidate.

One-third of the changes were driver fixes, including updates to sound, networking, NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express), GPU, and other miscellaneous drivers.

One-third were filesystem fixes, mostly related to bcachefs, but there were also some other changes.

The remaining one-third were miscellaneous changes, such as architecture updates, core networking improvements, self-tests, updates to the io_uring (asynchronous I/O) subsystem, header file fixes, and more.

Bcachefs Received a lot of Patches

Among the changes, the bcachefs file system received a significant number of patches and fixes. The summary of changes or patches related to bcachefs included:

  • Fix debug assert
  • Fix sb-downgrade validation
  • Plumb bkey into __btree_err()
  • Fix lookup_first_inode() when inode_generations are present
  • Fix locking assert
  • Refactor delete_dead_snapshots()
  • Run check_key_has_snapshot in snapshot_delete_keys()
  • Fix setting of downgrade recovery passes/errors
  • btree_gc can now handle unknown btrees
  • Better fsck error message for key version
  • Split out sb-members_format.h
  • Split out sb-downgrade_format.h
  • Split out disk_groups_format.h
  • Split out replicas_format.h
  • Split out journal_seq_blacklist_format.h
  • Split out sb-errors_format.h
  • Fix uninitialized var warning
  • Don't return -EROFS from mount on inconsistency error
  • Fix failure to return error on misaligned dio write

The aforementioned list of commits made by Kent Overstreet will improve the functionality, reliability, and organization of the bcachefs file system within the Linux kernel.

Test Linux Kernel 6.10 RC2

Users are encouraged to test the latest release candidate by downloading it from the Kernel.org website or the Linus Torvalds's git tree.

According to Mr. Torvalds, nothing seemed particularly unusual, but the second release candidate was usually fairly small, and people were just starting to find regressions (issues or bugs).

As always, Linus encourages the community to continue testing and report any problems they encountered.

Please note that these development versions should not be used on production systems due to their experimental nature.

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