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Qikipedia – A Browser Extension To Display Wikipedia Summary

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A while ago, we have written a guide that described how to display the summary of any Wikipedia article in Terminal using a command line utility named "Wikit". Using this utility, we can get the wikipedia summary of the given text right from the terminal window. Today, we are going to discuss about a similar utility named "Qikipedia". It is a google browser extension that allows you to highlight text from any website, and shows you a summary of the corresponding Wikipedia article, if one exists.

Using Qikipedia, we can get instant Wikipedia summaries of the selected text from any website. If there is no Wikipedia summary appears when you highlighted a word or phrase, it means that there is no corresponding Wikipedia article for the highlighted text, in the selected language of course.  You can highlight up to 7 words. It is available in white and dark themes. To change the theme, right click on QIkipedia icon in the browser's tool bar and check the box titled "Dark theme". Another notable feature is it supports multiple languages. Qikipedia is free and open source browser extension. The source code is freely available in GitLab.

Install Qikipedia

As of writing this guide, Qikipedia is only available for Google Chrome/Chromium. I hope the developer will bring this to all browsers in the future versions.

To install this extension, go to Qikipedia go to the following link and click Add to Chrome option.

Once added, you will see the Qikipedia icon on the browser tool bar.

Display Wikipedia Summary

Now, choose any word or phrase from any website and you will get the Wikipedia summary of highlighted text instantly as shown in the picture below.

It supports multiple languages and you can highlight up to 7 words.

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