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How To Test Plasma Mobile OS On Your Computer

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Howdy KDE users! I've got a good news for you to spend your weekend with an interesting project. As you may already know, the team behind KDE has announced a new open source smartphone OS named "Plasma Mobile" last year. Since it is a collaborative project, they haven't set any timeline to the availability of final release. Last week, KDE team has hosted a poll on their Twitter and Google+ pages and requested the community members to help the KDE developers move forward with Plasma Mobile. As a result, 44% poll participants wanted to test the OS. After a lot of users' request, KDE development team has released x86_64 based Plasma Mobile ISO images, so that you can now download and test Plasma Mobile OS on your Computer or spin up a VM. This is really a great news for KDE fans and for those who wanted to get a glimpse of how it looks like in real time.

Test Plasma Mobile OS On Your Computer

The ISO images are hosted in this link. Go get it and spin up a VM to play around with Plasma Mobile OS on your system. You can test it on VirtualBox or QEMU or boot it on any real machine.

Here is screenshot of Plasma Mobile OS running on Oracle VirtualBox on Ubuntu.

Installing apps from Discover Software Center:

For more details, check out the Plasma Mobile home page. Please note that Plasma Mobile is still in Alpha stage! So, there will be bugs. Report the bugs or send your feedback about this OS on plasma-mobile@kde.org mailing list, or #plasma IRC channel on Freenode, or #plasmamobile:matrix.org matrix room, or on Plasma Mobile telegram group.


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