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Ubuntu Post Installation Script To Install Essential Applications

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Even though Ubuntu is a newbie user-friendly Linux operating system, it doesn't comes with all necessary pre-installed stuffs for day to day usage. You may still have to install some additional software in order to get a near perfect system. You can manually install those extra packages one by one, but It's bit time consuming task. Alternatively, use the following script called post_install.sh written by a fellow Linux user Waleed ahmad. He made this script to make the Ubuntu post installation tasks much easier and faster. Just grab this script and run it with root or sudo privileges and install the necessary applications. This is script is available in GitHub. It is completely free to use.

Applications in Ubuntu Post installation Script

This script will install the following applications.

  1. Sublime Text 3,
  2. LAMP Stack,
  3. Build Essentials,
  4. Node.js,
  5. Git,
  6. Composer,
  7. JDK 8,
  8. Bleachbit,
  9. Ubuntu Restricted Extras,
  10. VLC Media Player,
  11. Unity Tweak Tool,
  12. Google Chrome,
  13. Teamiewer,
  14. Skype,
  15. Paper GTK Theme,
  16. Arch Theme,
  17. Arc Icons,
  18. Numix Icons,
  19. Multiload Indicator,
  20. Pensor,
  21. Netspeed Indicator,
  22. Generate SSH Keys,
  23. Ruby,
  24. Sass,
  25. Vnstat,
  26. Webpack,
  27. Grunt,
  28. Gulp.

Run Ubuntu Post Installation Script

Download the script from here or use the following command to download it using wget command:

$ wget -d -c -O post_install.sh https://gist.githubusercontent.com/waleedahmad/a5b17e73c7daebdd048f823c68d1f57a/raw/4c334a4b52b848df9501ad394ad07ddb1648fe2a/post_install.sh

I have saved this file as post_install.sh. You can name it as per your liking. Then, make it as executable using command:

$ chmod +x post_install.sh

Finally, run this script as 'sudo' user:

$ sudo ./post_install.sh

This script will automatically update your software repositories lists, upgrade your Ubuntu desktop. And then it will enable any PPAs if necessary.

Run Ubuntu Post Installation Script
Run Ubuntu Post Installation Script

Once it updated your system, then it will display the list of essential applications you would like to have in your Ubuntu desktop. Just choose any application(s) you want to install and hit ENTER key. This script will download and install the selected applications along with all required dependencies.

Install Essential Applications In Ubuntu
Install Essential Applications In Ubuntu

Very simple, isn't it? What are you waiting for go get this script and start installing the packages you want.

Hope this script helps you. More details, refer the official GitHub page.

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