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This Website Reveals What Every Browser Knows About You

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Today, I stumbled upon this website accidentally, and I couldn't resist myself from sharing this with our fellow readers. This website reveals what every browser knows about you. This site displays your OS version, browser version, currently logged-in online accounts, your network details and many. Please be aware that these data can be accessed by any website you are accessing from any web browser, without your permission.

What exactly this site knows about my system?

This website will not show 100% accurate details, but it will reveal details important details very close to 90 to 95%. Don't get me wrong. This website is not going to hack or sneak peak your system. It's not hacking website.

This site will reveal the following details about your system.

  • Location - This site uses Google Geolocation API to tack your location. Like I said, this won't be accurate, but very close to accurate details.
  • Software - Operating system details like whether you're using Windows or Linux or any other operating system, browser details, browser plugins etc.
  • Hardware - Displays your computer specifications such as Processor type (Core2duo or dual core), monitor resolution, monitor vendor, battery status etc.
  • IP Address - Displays your local and public IP,  and previously visited website URL. It also displays the download speed of your network.
  • Social media - It displays whether you're currently logged-in to any social media accounts, such as facebook, google plus, twitter etc.
  • Network scan - Displays the list of connected devices in your network.
  • And few more details about Click Jacking, Gyroscope, image scan tool to see what it's meta data reveals.

This site not just reveals the data, but also tells you what precaution should be done to hide these details from preying eyes.

Should I be worried about this? Of course not, unless you use this system for any important and mission-critical tasks. If you still want to tighten your privacy, this site suggest you to install some plugins such as NoScript (Java script, flash blocker), Webproxy (prevent ip and location leak), Tor (anonymous surfing),  Leak Prevent Plugin (prevent the local ip leak) in your browsers.

Want to know what every browser knows about you? Click the following link and scroll down to see the list of things your web browser reveals about you.

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