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Fedora 23 final release is postponed to November 3rd, 2015

By sk

The Fedora project developer Matthew Miller has written in his blog that the final release of Fedora 23 has been postponed to November 3rd, 2015. According to Miller, there are numerous issues needs to be addressed and fixed in the final release. That's why Fedora 23 pushed back for one week. Disappointed? Don't be. Because Fedora development team is working hard and they always wanted to give the best and bug-free operating system.

Miller also explains about why Fedora is always late:

I know 4Foundations-features100pxsometimes it feels like Fedora is always late, but this is really a misinterpretation of our process. Remember, rather than developing software entirely under our control, we integrate thousands of 4Foundations-first100pxcomponents created and maintained in the wide open source world, and getting everything aligned and polished is a major feat. This makes a strict calendar-based release very difficult. On the other hand, in order to keep Fedora moving fast (in line with our “First” foundation), we don’t want to entirely leave it to “we’ll release it when it’s ready” — with that approach, sometimes it’s never ready enough. So, we use a hybrid model. We have a target schedule, but at each milestone on the schedule, we evaluate based on release criteria, and adjust either the schedule or the feature set to match.

His points makes sense and I completely agree with him. Why should they rush to release the buggy OS which is not yet ready for the production? It's completely not useful for the users and it will ruin the Fedora community name. So, why don't we wait few more days? One week is not a big deal. I hope Fedora team will release the final release on November 3rd, 2015 as they promised.

Source: Fedora Magazine 

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