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Get Movie Ratings And Reviews Directly To Your Terminal

By sk

I love watching movies! Everyone does!! However, I would like to read the movie reviews and its ratings before watching them. Mostly, I use IMDB website to read the movie reviews and all movie related stuffs. If you are anything like me, I have a good news for you. You can now get movie ratings and reviews directly to your Terminal. Yes, you don't need to visit any movie review sites, and you don't even need a web browser. Just open your Terminal and get the details instantly. Seems useful, isn't it? Indeed!

Meet MovieScore, a free, open source commandline utility written in GO programming language. It displays the movie reviews, ratings, trailer links from Internet, right into your Terminal. Using MovieScore, you can read the complete details about any movie, such as

  • Director
  • Cast
  • Year of release
  • Released date
  • Rated
  • Genre
  • Poster
  • Metascore Rated
  • Awards
  • Movie Trailer
  • IMDB rating
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating

You get all these details right into your Terminal. No Web browser, even no GUI needed.

MovieScore - Get Movie Ratings And Reviews Directly To Your Terminal

Since MovieScore is written using GO language, you need to install Go language first as described in the link below.

After installing Golang, run the following commands one by one to instal MovieScore.

go get github.com/bharatkalluri/moviescore
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/bharatkalluri/moviescore
go install

If you don't have golang in your system, you can manually download the moviescore bin file from the gist folder of moviescore github repository page and save it any location of your choice and run it from there. I have downloaded it in my HOME folder i.e /home/sk.

wget https://github.com/BharatKalluri/MovieScore/raw/09601aeee13c4b2357e71b08a425f9c14e8a15c9/dist/moviescore

Create symlink to add the moviescore bin file to your PATH:

sudo ln -s /home/sk/moviescore /usr/bin/moviescore

Now, you can find the movie details using command:

moviescore options <movie_name>

For example, to view the movie details of "Moonlight", run:

moviescore moonlight

Sample output would be:

As you see, MovieScore displays the complete details. You can view only the review using '-r' flag as below.

moviescore -r "The martian"

Sample output:

You might get the following messages while trying to display the reviews of some movies.

There seems to be a problem with rt, try with the year argument!
Looks like Rt also needs the year argument!

In such cases, you need to mention the year of the release of the movie like below.

moviescore -y 2016 "moonlight"

Now, the review will display.

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