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KDE Plasma 6.1 Beta is Released With Wayland Explicit Sync, Edit Mode and More

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The KDE Plasma 6.1 beta release is now available for testing. It ships with several exciting improvements and new features. This update aims to enhance the overall user experience, addressing various aspects of the desktop environment.

KDE Plasma 6.1 Beta Key Features

One of the key additions is the implementation of triple buffering in KWin, the Plasma window manager. This feature ensures smoother rendering and animations, resulting in a more fluid and responsive desktop experience.

The beta release also includes support for the Wayland Explicit Sync protocol, which should particularly benefit NVIDIA GPU users by improving overall performance and stability.

Another notable improvement is the integration of the Input Capture portal that allows capture input events from connected physical or logical devices.

The Dolphin file manager now includes a convenient feature that allows users to move selected items into a new folder simultaneously, streamlining file management tasks.

Move Multiple Items to New Folder Simultaneously in Dolphin File Manager
Move Multiple Items to New Folder Simultaneously in Dolphin File Manager

Remote Desktop functionality has been incorporated into the Plasma desktop, enabling users to connect to their Plasma desktops using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) clients. Additionally, a new page in the System Settings has been introduced to configure and manage this feature.

The Edit mode user experience (UX) in Plasma has been revamped, featuring a beautiful new zoom-out effect. This effect helps users notice and understand when they're in a separate mode, making it easier to enter and exit Edit Mode once their tasks are completed.

To address potential issues with UI elements near screen edges, a configurable edge barrier between screens has been implemented. This enhancement ensures that auto-hide panels and other UI elements function correctly, even when spanning multiple displays.

While real session restore on Wayland is still in development, a fake session restore feature has been introduced. This feature allows applications that were open during the previous session to be reopened, although their positioning may not be preserved.

Plasma 6.1 beta introduces support for synchronizing the color of your keyboard's RGB backlight with the accent color set in the desktop environment, providing a cohesive and personalized experience.

Display color profile support has been added, allowing Plasma to utilize the color profiles embedded in compatible displays for accurate color representation.

The Discover software management application now supports replacing end-of-support Flatpak applications with their updated replacements, ensuring a seamless transition to newer versions.

Battery conservation mode features found in many Lenovo IdeaPad and Legion laptops are now supported, enabling users to optimize their device's power consumption.

For environments without security concerns, Plasma 6.1 beta introduces the ability to enable passwordless screen locking, effectively using it as a screensaver.

Convenient new features have been added to the Power & Battery widget, allowing users to middle-click to block and unblock automatic sleep and screen locking, as well as scroll over the widget to switch between active power profiles.

Visual improvements include slightly rounder corners and increased consistency in corner radius across the desktop environment.

The window layout algorithm for the Overview mode has been enhanced, providing a better overall experience.

By default, the "Shake cursor to find it" effect has been enabled, making it easier to locate the cursor on the screen.

An optional feature to hide the mouse pointer after a period of inactivity has been introduced, further decluttering the desktop environment.

Finally, the Keyboard page in System Settings has been rewritten using the QML markup language, ensuring a more modern and responsive user interface.

KDE Plasma 6.1 Final Will Be Available on June 18

With this beta release, the Plasma team aims to gather feedback and identify potential issues before the stable release, which is expected around June 18, 2024.

Try the New KDE Plasma 6.1

One of the easiest ways to try out the new Plasma 6.1 beta is by booting a live image from a USB disk. Docker images also provide a quick and convenient method to test the latest Plasma desktop environment.

Here are the links to download Plasma 6.1 beta:

Download Links:

  1. Live Images: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Live_Images
  2. Docker Images: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Docker_Images

Package Downloads

Several Linux distributions have already created packages for the Plasma 6.1 beta release, or are in the process of creating them. Please note that packages for this release might not be available on all distributions at the time of this announcement.

Key Takeaways

  • Smoother rendering and animations with triple buffering in KWin
  • Better NVIDIA GPU support with Wayland Explicit Sync
  • Input Capture portal integration for secure input handling
  • Remote Desktop functionality with RDP client support
  • Revamped Edit Mode with new zoom-out effect
  • Configurable edge barriers between screens
  • Fake session restore on Wayland (full restore in progress)
  • Sync keyboard RGB backlight with Plasma accent color
  • Color profile support for compatible displays
  • Replace end-of-support Flatpak apps in Discover
  • Battery conservation mode for Lenovo laptops
  • Passwordless screen locking option
  • Power & Battery widget enhancements
  • Visual refinements like rounder corners
  • Improved Overview window layout
  • "Shake cursor" effect enabled by default
  • Option to hide inactive mouse pointer
  • Rewritten Keyboard settings page in QML

Image Source: https://pointieststick.com/2024/05/25/this-week-in-kde-triple-buffering-and-other-sources-of-amazingness/

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