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MMSMail – A Chrome Extension To Send Audio And Video Messages From GMail

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Today, I will show you a cool trick to impress your family, friends and colleagues. You can surprise them by sending voice/video messages! Say hello to MMSMail, a browser extension that allows you to send audio and video messages in GMail. At this time, it only supports GMail and works only in Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. I hope the developer will extend the support to other mail services and develop this extension for Firefox and other browsers as well.

MMSMail - Send Audio And Video Messages From GMail

Go to Chrome web store and install MMSMail plugin.

Now open your Gmail and compose the mail. In the compose window, you will see a record button in red color near the Send button.

Click on the record button and choose what type of MMS you want send. The available MMS types are: Video, Audio, Image. once you click the Record button, Gmail will ask your permission to access your microphone and camera. You will have to authorize in-order to record your MMS.

After recording the message, just click the Stop button. Click Attach to attach the MMS to your mail. If you want to add more and different MMS (video, audio, image), choose them from the drop down menu and continue recording. Once attached all MMSs, click Done in the above screen. The recorded message will now be attached in your Gmail. Click Send to send them to your recipient.

Now the recipients would be delighted to have your MMS on their mail box.

And yes, we can send the audio and voice messages via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Google hangouts and many more free apps. Also we can record our voice or shot a video, attach and send them via mail. Using MMSMail extension is just another way to send your voice or video messages right from your Gmail inbox!

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Forget Gmail Password August 21, 2018 - 11:43 am

Most of the people they used Gmail. Many of them they know it but from my suggestion, if you send any message to anyone. if you saw this time internet is not working then it saved it draft box when Internet working then the message will automatically send.


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