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This Script Helps You To Pass US Citizenship Test

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Howdy non-Americans! Are you planning to apply for U.S Citizenship? Great! You may already aware that there are certain procedures to become an U.S citizen. One of them is to pass US citizenship test or USCIS civics test which will be conducted by USCIS (U.S Citizenship and immigration services) officials. There are 100 questions on the test. During the interview, you will be asked 10 questions from the list of 100 questions in English. You must at least answer 6 questions correctly out of 10 to pass the test. All questions and answers to pass the USCIS civics test have been published in the official USCIS website for free. There is also a simple script named "USCIS Quiz" which will help you to prepare for this exam.

This script will display all questions and answers to USCIS civics test in flash-card format in a random order. You can install it on your system and practice them before appearing the naturalization test. All questions with answers are current as of 2017. It is freely available on GitHub. Just clone and install it as described below.

USCIS Quiz - A simple script that shows the questions and answers to USCIS civics test

Install Git and pip3 first. Both are available in official repositories of most Linux distributions, so you can install them using the default package manager.

On Arch Linux and its variants like EndeavourOS, Manjaro Linux, you can install pip and git using command:

$ sudo pacman -S git python-pip python-wheel python-setuptools

Fedora 21, 22:

$ sudo dnf install git python3 python3-wheel


To install pip on CentOS, RHEL, Scientific Linux and other RPM based systems, enable EPEL repository using command:

$ sudo yum install epel-release

And then run the following command to install pip:

$ sudo yum install python-pip
$ sudo yum install python-wheel

Since setup-tools package is available in the default repositories, you can install it using command:

$ sudo yum upgrade python-setuptools

Then, install Git using command:

$ sudo yum install git


$ sudo zypper install git python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-wheel


$ sudo apt-get install git python3-pip

For more details about pip, refer the following link.

After installing Git and pip, clone the USCIS Quiz repository as shown below.

$ git clone https://github.com/bobo333/uscis-quiz.git

This will clone the contents of USCIS Quiz script in a directory named "uscis-quiz" in the current working directory. Cd to that directory:

$ cd uscis-quiz

Finally, install it as shown below.

$ pip3 install .

Please mind the dot (.) at the end of the above command.

You can also install it with the following alternative command.

$ python3 setup.py install

The script is installed now. Go to the section to know how to use it.


Type the following command to start the test.

$ uscis-quiz

You will see the questions along with its answers in random order. To move to next question, simply hit ENTER key.

To quit the quiz, just type q and press ENTER key.

There is also official USCIS civics test app for Android and iOS users available from the links given below. Go get them and start preparing for the exam.

Android users, click the following image to install it.

USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools
USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools

The iOS users, click the following button to get it.

USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools
USCIS: Civics Test Study Tools

For complete details, refer this link to apply for the U.S Citizenship.


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