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10 Best Cleaner and Optimizer Apps for Android

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Android devices are used to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. These tasks include a lot of data transfer which ends up accumulating a lot of unnecessary data on the device. It makes storage space cluttered and unorganized affecting device speed and performance. To deal with this situation, you can perform manual cleaning of your device. Though there are certain restrictions with manual cleaning like it is time-consuming and doesn’t offer accurate results. In this situation, you can use Android cleaner and optimizer apps for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss some of these useful apps here.

Systweak Android Cleaner

Systweak Android Cleaner is one of the best tools available to boost your device performance significantly in a user-friendly manner. You can use this amazing tool to remove all unnecessary files from your device instantly. It helps you remove duplicate files, junk files, and other unnecessary files instantly. It not only works as an effective Android cleaner but it offers some additional useful features like a game booster, battery saver, app manager, online backup tool and much more. You can use this impressive tool for instant and accurate results to recover some precious storage space.

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CCleaner helps you clean application cache, clipboard content, browser history, temporary files, download folders and much more. This nifty tool helps you uninstall unnecessary applications to easily. It offers intuitive user-interface and doesn’t contain ads. This useful tool helps you manage your device storage efficiently. It offers many additional features like CPU, RAM and storage meters, PPManager, battery and temperature tools etc.

DU Speed Booster

This speed booster app helps you a clean lot of unnecessary data from your device instantly. It works as an effective cleaner, game booster, battery saver, antivirus app etc. It helps you boost your network and battery speed. In its other features, it offers cache & junk cleaner, app manager, one-touch accelerator, privacy advisor, Internet speed tester etc. This all in one tool is useful to clean your device and boost its speed.

1 Tap Cleaner

This nifty tool offers numerous features to keep your device in perfect condition. It works as an effective cache cleaner, history cleaner, Call/Text log cleaner, and junk cleaner. It offers default cleaning options to clear app’s default actions. Using this tool, you can set auto cleaning intervals. This tool comes handy to improve your device speed and performance instantly. You can use this tool for impressive results.

SD Maid

This tool works as an effective cleaner and file manager app as well. It cleans all junk files from your device including those file trash which left behind by uninstalled apps and programs. It offers two versions, free and premium. Where free version covers all basic needs, premium version offers some additional features to improve your device performance. It helps you clean device and recover precious storage space instantly.

Clean Master (Boost & Antivirus)

Trusted by millions of users around the world this effective tool helps
you clean junk files, temporary files, cache files, junk notification and unused RAM to improve Android
device performance. Using this tool, you can protect your privacy and enhance your Android device
security with real-time protection features. In its other features, it offers CPU cooler, battery saver,
phone booster, app locker, game booster etc.

Phone Clean Best Speed Booster

This utility for Android is helpful enough to clean your device from all unnecessary files instantly. It helps you clean redundant apps, residual files, and other junk files to free up storage space. It also helps you clean your RAM and registry files for faster performance. You can use this app to declutter and organize your storage space effectively. This tool is easy, safe and accurate cleaner app.

360 Security – Antivirus Boost

This tool helps you clean all sort of unnecessary files from your device including system files, app cache, unused large files, and other junk files. It scans your installed apps, memory card content etc. to provide protection against viruses, Trojan, adware and others. In its other features, it works as a battery saver, game booster, RAM cleaner, anti-theft solution, real-time protection and much more.

Power Clean – Optimize Cleaner

This efficient tool helps you clean up RAM and your device storage to optimize its performance. It removes all redundant background services, stops auto-start apps, deletes unwanted apps to improve your device performance. It provides complete device information including CPU & RAM usage, storage details, battery information, and other features. It also cleans duplicate photos on your device.

Duplicate Files Fixer

This widely used Android cleaner app offers a wide range of features to keep your device performance intact. It offers intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Using this tool, you can clean all your duplicate files on your device easily. It uses smart algorithms to find and delete identical files on your device. Using this tool, you can de-duplicate your device and improve its performance significantly.

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Above mentioned tools can help you clean your device effectively to improve its speed and performance. These nifty tools can fix many known and unknown issues on your device instantly.


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