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Archinstall 2.8.1 Released with Experimental LVM Support

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Archinstall is a guided installer script for Arch Linux. It provides a user-friendly interface for users who may not be comfortable with the traditional manual installation process of Arch Linux, which is known for its steep learning curve.

Features of Archinstall Script

  1. Automation: Archinstall automates much of the installation process. This includes partitioning disks, setting up filesystems, installing the base system, and configuring essential settings like the locale, hostname, and users.
  2. Customizability: Despite the automation, Archinstall allows for extensive customization. Users can choose which packages to install, how to configure their bootloader, and other advanced settings.
  3. Ease of Use: The script provides a guided, menu-driven interface, making it more user-friendly than the traditional manual installation. This is especially helpful for newcomers to Arch Linux.
  4. Officially Supported: Archinstall is an official project of the Arch Linux team, meaning it is well-maintained and integrated into the Arch Linux ecosystem. This ensures compatibility and regular updates.
  5. Flexibility: Users can choose between different installation profiles, such as a minimal installation or a more feature-rich setup. The script also supports custom scripts, allowing users to tailor the installation process further.
  6. Availability: Archinstall is included in the Arch Linux ISO, making it readily available for anyone installing Arch Linux.

Archinstall 2.8.1 is Out

The latest release of Archinstall, version 2.8.1, introduces several improvements, including the addition of Experimental LVM support. This new feature allows users to opt for a default LVM layout when choosing their partitioning scheme during the installation process.

New LVM Menu in Archinstall Script
New LVM Menu in Archinstall Script

With LVM support, users can benefit from the flexibility that LVM offers, such as the ability to dynamically resize logical volumes and manage storage more efficiently.

You can get the latest version from the releases page on Archinstall GitHub repository.

Please note that the LVM option in Archinstall 2.8.1 is currently marked as experimental, indicating that it is still in the testing phase and may require further refinement.

Archinstall 2.8.1 Changelog

Here is the list of bug fixes and improvements in the latest Archinstall 2.8.1 script.

Major Features and Improvements

  1. (Experimental) LVM support
  2. Finnish translation added
  3. Prep-work for a new menu implementation using curses

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Locale generator fixes
  • Fix null fs_type of partition
  • Handle missing free spaces and deleted partitions
  • Handle unknown device/partition type
  • Fix umounting all partitions

UI and UX Improvements

  • Rename "Kde" profile to "KDE Plasma" / "Plasma"
  • Added more applications to Hyprland desktop profile
  • Use current keyboard layout instead of US layout

System and Performance Updates

  • Change default root partition size
  • Set root partition type GUID
  • Update mkinitcpio.conf hooks for upstream consistency

Code Refactoring and Optimization

  • Refactor suggest_single_disk_layout()
  • Refactor format()
  • Convert partition path string to a Path object
  • Refactor umount()

Development and Maintenance

  • Using VCS as pyparted version lock
  • Skip devices that fail to get pyparted Disk
  • Adding better mypy coverage, preparing for stricter checks


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