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Elementary OS installation guide with screenshots

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Elementary OS is a fast, light weight, and beautiful Linux distribution based on Ubuntu operating system. It is stylish and elegant Linux distribution, and the look and feel of Elementary OS closely resembles to Mac OS X. Since It is based on Ubuntu LTS version, so it is solid, stable and powerful distribution that runs even on old hardware. Though it is based on Ubuntu, Elementary OS has some own set of applications. One of them is Pantheon desktop environment. Pantheon is the default DE for Elementary OS, and it is fully customizable

In this short tutorial, we will see how to install latest stable version "Elementary OS Freya".

Download Elementary OS

The latest version Elementary OS Freya is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Download the latest Elementary OS version from the official website.

Create bootable USB or DVD using the downloaded ISO. You can create bootable USB drive as described in the following links.

Created bootable medium? Well, let us go ahead and install this beautiful OS.

Elementary OS installation

Boot your system using Elementary OS bootable disk. The installation process is very similar to Ubuntu.

You will see this screen. You can either try Elementary OS without making any changes to the Computer, directly from this installation media. Or You can install it right away.

If you're ready to install it, just click Install elementary button.

Click Continue.

Select the installation type. You have four choices.

  1. Erase full disk and install Elementary OS - This option erases all data in your hard drive, and autoamtically partition your hard drive.
  2. Encrypt and secure Elementary OS installation
  3. Use LVM - This will set up LVM and allows taking snapshots and easier partition resizing.
  4. Manually create each partitions and install OS.

I will go with first option i.e Erase complete disk.

Click OK to save the partition changes.

Select your Timezone.

Select default Keyboard layout.

Create new user.

Elementary OS installation will start now. It will take few minutes to complete. Once the installation is complete, click "Restart Now".

Enter the password to log in.

This is how my Elementary OS freya desktop looks like.

VirtualBox_Elementary OS__09_08_2016_19_58_48

As you see above, Elementary OS is clean, elegant and responsive. If you happen to use Mac OS X, you will notice that Elementary closely resembles Mac in look and feel.

Let us see more screenshots.

Application launcher:

VirtualBox_Elementary OS__09_08_2016_20_02_53

System settings:

VirtualBox_Elementary OS__09_08_2016_20_04_04

File manager:

VirtualBox_Elementary OS__09_08_2016_20_03_40


VirtualBox_Elementary OS__09_08_2016_20_06_24

Web browser:

VirtualBox_Elementary OS__09_08_2016_20_07_23

Software center:

VirtualBox_Elementary OS__09_08_2016_20_05_24

The aesthetics of Elementary OS is brilliant and it gives pleasant experience while working. Give it a try, You will know. If you have old hardware and want to run a light-weight and beautiful Linux distribution, Elementary is best choice.

That's all for now.


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