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Social Fever – An Android App That Helps You To Re-connect With Real World

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The notion behind the invention of cellphone devices was to give easy access to communication to larger audience with some handy device. The evolution from big & heavy cellphones to sleek designed smartphones have seen multiple phases of development. Today, billions of people around the world have an easy source to communicate with their near & dear ones. With an open-source platform and affordability factors, Android has clearly led the race of smartphone users around the world.

The worrying factor: We all know how people are dependent on their smartphone devices as they use their phones to perform numerous tasks seamlessly. The dependence on smartphones has increased in last few decades as they are more like a mini computer for you. You can use these devices to make calls, text messages, listen to music, emails, data sharing, and much more. Above all, different apps for different tasks have definitely made the users addicted to mobile devices. This is the flip side of mobile phones which has widely discussed in recent times. Users are spending more time in virtual world than doing some real-life things.

The Solution: To deal with this over dependence and addiction of smartphone devices you need to think in the same direction. Here, we have reviewed one such app that is offering you a help to reduce few minutes to few hours a day you spend in virtual world. We are talking about Systweak Software’s health & fitness app “Social Fever” which seems like a futuristic solution to your smartphone addiction. It helps you re-connect with real-world by reducing your virtual footprints.

Features of Social Fever

Track Goals: By settings maximum time to spend on any specific app, you can set goals for yourself. You can add multiple apps in tracking module to know how much time you are spending on an individual app. It is useful to keep tab on unproductive time you have spent on social media or other apps.

App Usage: Here, app displays a quick and compact summary of the time you have spent on different apps that are added to tracking module.

History: Here, you can find time spent on different apps in last 7 days. It displays report in graphical format for better understanding.

Interests: App allows you to set interests from different options. Here, the app will display a report how you managed to save some time to do your favorite activities.

Ear Health: Under this feature, you can set reminders to avoid overuse of headphones/earphones while using different apps watching movies or listening to music. It is an effective feature to keep your ear health intact.

Eye Health: Here, you can set reminders to get alerts when you are using smartphone for long duration. Staring at smartphone for longer duration may affect your eyes negatively thus this is useful feature to rest your eyes and brain.

Other Features

  • You can set time tracker when you use any app by enabling “Show app tracking” feature.
  • You can set time to get daily reports by tweaking time settings which remain 2200 hours by default.
  • You can keep a tab on your daily goals under “Show daily report” feature.
  • The app allows you to clean tracking history under “Clear History” function.
  • You can tweak your interests under “Show Interest” feature.

The verdict of the App: Social Fever is level up solution to help you reduce your virtual activities while offering you more time to do some real-life things. It offers various useful features & functionalities to keep a tab on your smartphone usage and manage to save some time for more important things in life. If you find yourself addicted to your mobile phone device than Social Fever is the solution.

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