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Keep Your Photos And Videos In A Password Protected Vault On Android

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Data security on any device is the biggest task every user has to face in the cyber world. Same is the case with the data you store on your Android device. When you use your Android device to save ample of data it becomes necessary to apply some security measures to keep data safe from any threat. Thankfully, there is an app called Secret Photo Vault to keep your photos and videos on Android in a password protected vault. It is feature rich tool that offers numerous useful features.

Highlights of Secret Photo Vault App

  • Offers dual-password protection to keep your data safe.
  • Numerous photo & video management features.
  • Quick password recovery option.
  • Password & fingerprint unlock features.
  • App never stores your data on its servers.


Let’s discuss some of these features in this review.

Secure photos & videos

Using this app, you can keep all your photos & videos on device in a secured password protected manner. Once you move data to the app, it removes the data from the original location thus no one can see your personal data without a password.

Dual-password protection

App offers dual-password protection for your data. It creates a master password to unlock the app and second password to lock your albums within the app. This feature helps you increase your data security.

Fingerprint Unlock

App offers fingerprint unlock feature to unlock the app if this feature is supported by your device. This feature is additional to passcode or PIN to unlock the app.

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Local Storage

App never stores any of your data on its servers. It simply keeps your data on your device storage only. It is extended security feature to keep your data safe and well within your reach.

Password Recovery

Once you download the app, it will ask you to set a master passcode and provide an email ID to recover lost password. Once you provide the email ID, it sends you a password on your email ID for future reference.

Stealth Mode

App works on a stealth mode where you can’t see the app activities in the recent apps menu on your device. It is useful to keep your data in the app safer.

Photo Management

Using the app, you can access different photo management features to organize your data in much better way. The app allows you to click photos or videos using the built-in camera in the app, import or export files from the gallery, copy hidden images to other albums, create multiple photo albums as per your need, email photos and do much more.

Photo Viewing

App allows you to view photos in the slideshow to help you manage them well. Further, you can save photos in the app, email them or delete them to recover some storage space.

Video Support

Using the built-in camera in the app you can shoot video easily. It allows you to import or export video files from the gallery or watch videos within the app.


Secret Photo Vault is a tailor-made tool to fit everyone’s need. It works on advanced techniques to keep your data secure in password protected framework. App offers complete control over your data once you download the app. App offers various photo & video management features to keep your data well within your reach. Secret Photo Vault is one of the best tools to keep your photos & videos away from prying eyes.

Hope this helps. Have you tried this app already? Great, let us know about your thoughts about this in the comment section below.

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