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How To Print QR Code Card For Connecting To Your WiFi

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Are you entering your WiFi password manually on each device? Well, those days are over now! A web service named WiFi Card provides an ingenious way to print QR code card for connecting to your WiFi networks.

What is WiFi Card, anyway?

WiFi Card is a website that allows you to print a simple QR code card with your WiFi login details.

All you need to do is just scan the QR code and boom! Your device will connect to the WiFi network. No need to type the password. If you are running WiFi netcafe, this utility may come in handy!

Just print the QR code card and tape it to your desk, wall or keep just it in your wallet. To connect to the WiFi, simply open your QR code reader app and scan the QR code! It is as simple simple as that!!

Since WiFi Card is a web service, you can use this service on any Internet-enabled devices regardless of the operating system you use.

Sounds cool, yeah?

Your WiFi information is SAFE! WiFi Card never sent the WiFI details to any third-party server. No tracking, analytics, or fingerprinting are used on this website.

WiFi Card is an open source web application built with JavaScript, HTML and some CSS codes. The source code of WiFi Card is freely available on GitHub.

Go to WiFi Card website and enter the details of your WiFi network name, password and choose the encryption method. After entering the details, click Print button to print the QR code.

Print QR Code card for connecting to your WiFi with WiFi Card
Print QR Code card for connecting to your WiFi with WiFi Card

A new QR code card with your Wifi details will be generated. Save the newly created QR code file in any location. By default, the file will be saved in PDF format.

Save QR code Wifi card
Save QR code Wifi card

Now open the QR code app in your phone and point the phone to scan the code to connect to the Wireless network automatically.

Run WiFi Card app locally with Docker

WiFi card application is available as Docker image. So we can host it locally using Docker. Make sure you have installed Docker on your system:

After installing Docker, git clone the WiFi card project:

$ git clone https://github.com/bndw/wifi-card.git

This will create a save the contents of WiFi Card GitHub repository in a local directory named wifi-card.

Switch to that directory:

$ cd wifi-card

Run the following command to start the Docker container:

$ make dev

You can now access the WiFi Card web application on http://localhost:8080 URL.


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