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Wisdom Tree – A Focus And Productivity App For Linux

By sk

Distracted often while working or studying? You might want to try a focus and productivity app named Wisdom Tree in Linux.


Some of you may get distracted so easily when studying or working. There are so many distractions exists to defer your work and degrade your over-all performance.

You might wonder - how do I concentrate and not get distracted during the work or study time.?

Fortunately, there are many apps available to help you stay focused on the task at your hand. One such application is Wisdom Tree.

What is Wisdom Tree?

Wisdom Tree is TUI (text user interface) concentration app that helps you to avoid distractions. It has minimal interface and navigation to increase concentration.

It improves your mental focus by playing soothing music and environmental noises like rain, forest and white noises.

The users can change the music and also import their own music. If the music is undesirable, you can simply mute it.

It also has Pomodoro timer, so you can it as time management app as well. Just set the timer, focus on your work and Wisdom Tree will remind you when you should take breaks.

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Another notable feature in Wisdom Tree is it shows you motivational quotes and real life tips. The author claims this app currently has 3000+ quotes. So you may not the same quote again.

Wisdom Tree app is written in Python. The source code is freely available in GitHub.

Install Wisdom Tree focus app in Linux

Wisdom Tree can be installed in three ways.

Install Wisdom Tree from PyPi:

Since it is written in Python, you can easily install it from PyPi using PIP package manager like below.

$ pip install wisdom-tree


$ pip3 install wisdom-tree

Install Wisdom Tree app using Pipx:

$ pipx install wisdom-tree

Install Wisdom Tree from GitHub repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/HACKER097/wisdom-tree
$ cd wisdom-tree
$ pip install -r requirements.txt or pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Increase your focus and productivity with Wisdom Tree app in Linux

Launch Wisdom Tree app using any one of the following commands.

If you installed Wisdom Tree using PIP or Pipx, you can run it from anywhere using the following command:

$ wisdom-tree

From GitHub repository:

$ python3 wisdome_tree/main.py

This is how Wisdom Tree app looks like in action:

Wisdom Tree productivity app for Linux
Wisdom Tree productivity app for Linux

It will play a soothing music to help you to stay relax and focused! To change the Music, simply press LEFT or Right arrow keys.

If you want to add your own music, convert the music to .ogg format and place it inside the res/ directory.

You will see different each quote each time you launch the app. The tree will keep growing as you use it. Test it how high can you grow the tree!!

To launch Pomodoro timer, press UP or DOWN arrow keys and hit ENTER to start the timer.

Launch Pomodoro timer in Wisdom Tree

If you don't want the music, simply press m to mute it. To pause and unpause the app, hit the SPACE BAR key.

To quit the Wisdom Tree app, press q.

Wisdom Tree Keybindings:

Left or Right arrow keysChange Music
UP or DOWN arrows, ENTER keySelect and start Pomodoro timers
mMute the music
SPACE BARPause and resume the music
qExit Wisdom Tree
Wisdom Tree Keybindings


I have been using Wisdom Tree productivity app in my Fedora desktop for the past two days. It is very cool little app and works just fine. If you're looking for a command line productivity app for your Linux desktops, Wisdom Tree might be a good choice.


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Daneil July 16, 2021 - 1:29 pm

Thanks. Never heard of it.

HACKER097 September 5, 2021 - 3:41 pm

This is amazing! You should update the article to include the new features I’ve added to wisdom tree:

Play music from YouTube
Lo-fi radio, play YouTube Playlist
Custom pomodoro timers
Volume controls
seeking music


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