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OpenGenus Quark: The World’s First Offline Search Engine To Search Code

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You're searching a code for your project online and the Internet connection is suddenly dropped. What would you do? Just sitting idle and hoping the Internet connection would be back soon? Not necessary! Now, you can search your favorite code written in any language even if there is no Internet connection. Sounds awesome? Indeed! Say hello to "OpenGenus Quark" - the World's first Offline Search Engine that helps you to search code for any algorithm or data-structure in your favorite language in seconds. Be it a C++ code, or Java or Python, OpenGenus Quark will instantly display a lot of sample codes in a matter of second. OpenGenus community is constantly adding more codes everyday. So if the code you're looking for is not available, no worries! Just mail them and they will take care of it.

Quark is a web browser extension, so you can use it on any operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, BSDs. As of now, it is available only for Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. Don't be disappointed. I hope the Opengenus team will extend the support to other browsers such as Firefox, Opera etc in future. Quark is the brain child of Opengenus foundation. It is completely free, open source licensed under GPLv3. So, feel free to fork it, improve the code, add more features and report bugs if there are any.

Adding OpenGenus Quark extension to Chrome/Chromium

Go the chrome web store and add the OpenGenus Quark extension. Remember you need to Internet connection to install this extension.

Once you added this extension, you will see opengenus icon on the tool bar of your Chrome/Chromium browser.


Just click on Opengenus quark icon on the tool bar to open it. The default interface should look like this.

Now, enter the query in the search box. For example, I am going to type "sort" and see what it brings.

See? It displays a lot of sample codes written in many languages, such as swift, php, java, c/c++, bash, python, go, scala and more. Just click on them to open view the code.

Let me try another word, for example linked list. Here is the result.

Click on any link to display the code.

Just copy/paste the code, edit or modify and use it.

So next time when you found yourself in a situation where there is no Internet connection, don't worry! Just open this offline search engine, enter your query and learn something useful. Don't let the Internet stop you from learning!


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Andy Baza January 13, 2018 - 10:28 pm

i can try all that but won’t help me, the dev server is not locally based so 🙂 yeah 🙂


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