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WinWorld – A Large Collection Of Defunct OSs, Software And Games

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The other day, I was testing Dosbox which is used to run MS-DOS games and programs in Linux. While searching for some classic programs like Turbo C++, I stumbled upon a website named WinWorld. I went through a few links in this site and quite surprised. WinWorld has a plenty of good-old and classic OSs, software, applications, development tools, games and a lot of other miscellaneous utilities which are abandoned by the developers a long time ago. It is an online museum run by community members, volunteers and is dedicated to the preservation and sharing of vintage, abandoned, and pre-release software.

WinWorld was started back in 2003 and its founder claims that the idea to start this site inspired by Yahoo briefcases. The primary purpose of this site is to preserve and share old software. Over the years, many people volunteered to improve this site in numerous ways and the collection of old software in WinWorld has grown exponentially. The entire WinWorld library is free, open and available to everyone.

WinWorld Hosts A Huge Collection Of Defunct OSs, Software, System Applications And Games

Like I already said, WinWorld hosts a huge collection of abandonware which are no-longer in development.

Linux and Unix:

Here, I have given the complete list of UNIX and LINUX OSs with brief summary of the each OS and the release year of first version.

  • A/UX - An early port of Unix to Apple's 68k based Macintosh platform, released in 1988.
  • AIX - A Unix port originally developed by IBM, released in 1986.
  • AT&T System V Unix - One of the first commercial versions of the Unix OS, released in 1983.
  • Banyan VINES - A network operating system originally designed for Unix, released in 1984.
  • Corel Linux - A commercial Linux distro, released in 1999.
  • DEC OSF-1 - A version of UNIX developed by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), released in 1991.
  • Digital UNIX - A renamed version of OSF-1, released by DEC in 1995.
  • FreeBSD 1.0 - The first release of FreeBSD, released in 1993. It is based on 4.3BSD.
  • Gentus Linux - A distribution that failed to comply with GPL. Developed by ABIT and released in 2000.
  • HP-UX - A UNIX variant, released in 1992.
  • IRIX - An a operating system developed by Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI ) and it is released in 1988.
  • Lindows - Similar to Corel Linux. It is developed for commercial purpose and released in 2002.
  • Linux Kernel - A copy of the Linux Sourcecode, version 0.01. Released in the early 90's.
  • Mandrake Linux - A Linux distribution based on Red Hat Linux. It was later renamed to Mandriva. Released in 1999.
  • NEWS-OS - A variant of BSD, developed by Sony and released in 1989.
  • NeXTStep - A Unix based OS from NeXT computers headed by Steve Jobs. It is released in 1987.
  • PC/IX - A UNIX variant created for IBM PCs. Released in 1984.
  • Red Hat Linux 5.0 - A commercial Linux distribution by Red Hat.
  • Sun Solaris - A Unix based OS by Sun Microsystems. Released in 1992.
  • SunOS - A Unix-based OS derived from BSD by Sun Microsystems, released in 1982.
  • Tru64 UNIX - A formerly known OSF/1 by DEC.
  • Ubuntu 4.10 - The well-known OS based on Debian.This was a beta pre-release, prior to the very first official Ubuntu release.
  • Ultrix - A UNIX clone developed by DEC.
  • UnixWare - A UNIX variant from Novell.
  • Xandros Linux - A proprietary variant of Linux. It is based on Corel Linux. The first version is released in 2003.
  • Xenix - A UNIX variant originally published by Microsoft released in 1984.

Not just Linux/Unix, you can find other operating systems including DOS, Windows, Apple/Mac, OS 2, Novell netware and other OSs and shells.


  • 86-DOS
  • Concurrent CPM-86 & Concurrent DOS
  • CP/M 86 & CP/M-80
  • DOS Plus
  • DR-DOS
  • GEM
  • MP/M
  • MS-DOS
  • Multitasking MS-DOS 4.00
  • Multiuser DOS
  • PC-DOS
  • PC-MOS
  • Real/32
  • Tandy Deskmate
  • Wendin DOS


  • BackOffice Server
  • Windows 1.0/2.x/3.0/3.1/95/98/2000/ME/NT 3.X/NT 4.0
  • Windows Whistler
  • WinFrame


  • Mac OS 7/8/9
  • Mac OS X
  • System Software (0-6)


  • Citrix Multiuser
  • OS/2 1.x
  • OS/2 2.0
  • OS/2 3.x
  • OS/2 Warp 4

Also, WinWorld hosts a huge collection of old software, system applications, development tools and games. Go and check them out as well.

To be honest, I don't even know the existence of most of the stuffs listed in this site. Some of the tools listed here were released years before I was born.

Just in case, If you ever in need of or wanted to test a classic stuff (be it a game, software, OS), look nowhere. Just head over to WinWorld library and download them that you want to explore. Good luck!

WinWorld Library

WinWorld - A Collection Of Defunct OSs, Software, Applications And Games


OSTechNix is not affiliated with WinWorld site in any way. We, at OSTechNix, don't know the authenticity and integrity of the stuffs hosted in this site. Also, downloading software from third-party sites is not safe or may be illegal in your region. Neither the author nor OSTechNix is responsible for any kind of damage. Use this service at your own risk.

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