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Optimize Your Internet Experience Using “Check Data Usage” App In Android

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"Check Data Usage" App - Optimize Your Internet Experience

Check Data Usage is an Android app that helps you to track your mobile data and Wi-Fi data usage to manage it in a better way. Using this app, you can manage your overall Internet consumption and optimize your Internet experience. Apart from keeping a tab on your Internet usage, it offers some other essential tools as well to optimize your device’s functionality.

Highlights of the App

  • To use the Internet efficiently users can set a data plan cycle.
  • Internet cycle can be set for 15, 30, 60, 90 days or manually set by the user.
  • One tap internet optimization and graphical representation for date wise consumption and history are there to help you manage your Internet data systematically.

Features of the App

Home Page:

Home page displayx all the features of the app like Set data plan, optimize the Internet, Clean Cache, Data use chart, Usage by app etc. It also displays concurrent information of the data usage and validity of the selected plan by Mobile data and Wi-Fi connection.

Set Data Plan:

This feature allows you to set data plan to manage your Internet data consumption. It requires information like data limit and days. If you haven’t selected the pre-defined days, then you can select the specific days manually from the calendar. You can set prior alert for your maximum data usage limit. For example, if you have set data plan for 1 Gb then you can set the alert for a lower value than 1Gb say 950MB or so. By default, you will be notified on 90% completion of the specified data limit. You can activate “Show Wi-Fi in Notification” option to see Wi-Fi data usage in the notification window.

Optimize Internet:

This option will clean your device RAM, cache and shut down all active services which are using the Internet to optimize your Internet usage.

Clean Cache:

This option cleans all irrelevant cache memory accumulated on your device due to Internet surfing to boost device’s functionality.

RAM Clean:

This one tap option helps you clean your device RAM by stopping all unnecessary functions which are using the Internet. It will help you speed up your device performance.

Data Use Chart:

It offers you a detailed analysis of your Internet usage using Mobile data, Wi-Fi or both for the current active plan. It displays usage on per day basis.


It includes two options.

  1. Data summary
  2. Plan summary

Data Summary displays total data usage on your device from the time of installation of the app to the present time. It displays both mobile data and Wi-Fi data usage on the monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Plan Summary displays data usage statistics based on expired plan (s) details. It helps you manage your data usage based on previous data usage record.

Usage by App:

It categorically displays data usage by individual app or other services using mobile data or Wi-Fi. This way you can manage resource hungry apps in a much better way.


It offers some useful tips and tricks to use the Internet and your device in the best possible way to optimize its functionality.


Basic settings:

  • It helps you set “Daily data usage limit”.
  • It notifies you when you exceed the daily data limit.
  • It helps you reset all mobile and Wi-Fi data statistics and restore default settings.

Notification Settings:

  • It helps you “Show data usage notification” in the status bar.
  • You can conceal notification toggle setting “Data usage notification cancelable” option On.
  • You can set notification once per day when you cross daily data usage limit.

App Exclusion List:

Using this option you can add or remove any app in the App exclusion list so that when you use “Optimize Internet” option it will not touch the selected app(s).


It displays the information about the app and how it works.


This app comes as a complete package to keep a tab on your Internet data usage and to optimize it in a better way. Its user-friendly interface and effective features help you take control of your Internet data usage effortlessly. If you are worried about sky-rocketing data use charges or want to keep a tab on it, then this is the perfect app for you.

Give it try and let us know your experience about this app.

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